Savvy Saving Tips

By : Benjamin Chew
08 March 2016

You can save some money even while transforming your new flat into a dream home – here are 4 savvy tips that let you in on the secret of saving on your renovation costs.

Get group discounts

Some renovation contractors and vendors may offer a bigger discount for bulk purchases. Find out if your neighbours are organising any such group purchase and jump on the bandwagon. There are ways to find out about these bulk buys – a casual hello and chat with your new neighbours can yield interesting nuggets, and also the Facebook group set up by residents living in the same BTO development.

DIY fun

Before you decide on a renovation package, look through the quotation and sieve out the items which you could easily do yourself, such as painting your flat. While it means getting your hands dirty, it can be a fun bonding time with family and friends. Just remember to treat those who helped you to wonderful meal when the job is done.

Sharing is caring

During the renovation process, you may require additional floor or wall tiles to achieve the ideal look that you have been yearning for. If you are sticking with the tiles provided by HDB, you can ask your neighbours if they have any extra to spare instead of getting similar tiles from a supplier.

Family is the best

Another source you can approach for home items is of course, your family.  For example, before you head out to buy fancy cutlery and kitchenware, check with your parents if they have any spare items they will like to pass to you. There is a high chance that there is a brand new slow cooker or cutlery set lying around in their kitchen cabinet.

Remember, there is no shame in using second hand items. As the saying goes, a dollar saved is a dollar earned!

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