Scoring the Best Home Electronics Deals

By : Benjamin Chew
02 August 2017

Singaporeans cannot live without their electronics, and are pretty savvy when it comes to getting the best deal. For newbies, here are some tips to help you score!


Know your needs

Surrounded by the latest gadgetry when you step into an electronics shop or fair, it is very tempting to go for the latest and the fanciest.


But wait, do you really need that spanking new 84-inch Ultra High Definition (UHD) TV? Do you have sufficient viewing distance to immerse yourself in the experience? Do you have content available in UHD format? If not, you will definitely be better off getting a regular HD TV!


While it might make good sense to buy the most advanced electronics to ‘future proof’, it is best to buy according to your needs and within your budget.

Compare prices


There is no shame in going to different electronic stores and comparing prices. While most electronic stores adhere to the Recommended Retail Prices (RRP), some might offer better credit card deals, extended warranty, or throw in (useful) freebies.

Do remember to check the store’s exchange policy in case you receive a defective product and your rights as a consumer (Lemon Law).


Group buys


If you have friends or neighbours who are interested in buying the same electronic product or multiple items from the same store, you can check with the store if they can provide you with a group discount.


Buying online? 


In this age of online convenience, it is also tempting to buy cheap electronic products from overseas and have it shipped over to Singapore. However, in reality it may create problems for you.


For example, you should check the plug adapter and voltage of the product before buying it. The standard voltage in Singapore is 230V – significantly higher than certain parts of the world such as the United States (110V). Using a mixer from the US without a step-down transformer would definitely cause a short circuit. 


If you plan to buy electronic products overseas, make sure that there is international warranty, else you would have to ship it back if it breaks down. Also, remember that you will need to pay GST if your item and shipping exceed S$400.


Are electronic shows worth it?

Yes and no. It depends on the product that you wish to purchase and how urgently you need it. These electronic shows typically occur every quarter and cover a wide range of electronic products, especially IT-related. You should do your homework to find out which retailers are attending the shows and the products they are selling.

You can get the best bargain on the last day of the show, but you risk the product being sold out too!


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