Seed Ideas to Grow Good Neighbours

By : Shu Han Yong
19 January 2016

Why not do something different at the start of this brand new year and make more neighbours your friends?


If you know of an interesting and fun way to do so, submit your idea to the Good Neighbours Project (GNP) 2016!


HDB introduced GNP to inspire and support ideas that promote warm neighbourly relations.


One of the shortlisted GNP 2014 teams, TheSuhardis, managed to do just that through their project – ‘Playdates@Simei’. Follow their footsteps and be amazed how friendships with your neighbours can bloom and blossom!


Step 1: Observe to understand your neighbours


TheSuhardis noticed that many of their neighbours, like themselves, were families with young children. However, there were few opportunities for them to interact.


Step 2: Plan something that you and your neighbours will enjoy

Young neighbours getting to know one another through fun and games.

TheSuhardis then decided to organise thematic play dates for all the children. This way, both parents and children could meet and interact with one another!


Step 3: Encourage frequent interactions among neighbours


Through these play dates, the families had more opportunities to bond together. They even took their interactions online as they exchanged parenting tips and neighbourhood matters through WhatsApp chats.


As time passed, their friendships blossomed. In March 2015, these young families celebrated the first anniversary of ‘Playdates@Simei’. The play dates, regular conversations on WhatsApp, and visits to each other’s homes continue to keep their friendships strong.

Neighbours celebrating the one-year anniversary of ‘Playdates@Simei’ over handicraft activities.

Do you wish to create your own neighbourhood of friends too? TheSuhardis have shown one way to get it moving. If you have more ideas, let us know!

Submit your creative plan to bring your neighbours together and you may get seed funding of up to $1,000 to implement it. Plus, you stand a chance to win prizes if your idea is shortlisted!


Do hurry as application for the GNP 2016 closes on 15 February 2016. More details can be found at


(Photos courtesy of TheSuhardis)

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