Set the Table Set the Mood

By : Priya Shandhini
27 September 2016

Sitting down to a family meal is usually a casual affair. We seek comfort above all else – food being the exception. Now that is something all true-blue Singaporeans will agree with. 🙂

But seriously, if you are having guests over for a special occasion, why not set the table and take out from storage all that beautiful tableware set you bought ages ago?

There are at least 3 good reasons to take the trouble to ‘tablescape’:


Here are some tablescaping ideas to get you started:



Having a theme helps unify your ideas. How about a theme based on one colour, like choosing blue and using different shades and tones of it? You can easily have a coordinated look and need not worry about colour clashes.

A harmony of blues


Play around with patterns and textures when selecting your dining ware but keep in mind the theme. If you plan to set an Asian table, use rich reds, royal blues and golds for a traditional look. A Scandi-inspired table? Choose white and neutral coloured plates and set them on rushed mats, like the setting below.


A Scandi-licious setting


Table runners protect your dining table top and though not absolutely essential, they can lend that final finishing touch to your table setting. From lace to silk to satin, there are so many choices. So pick one that goes with your theme. The same goes for place mats, which can also reduce the noise from the tableware and cutlery – cool huh?


Placemats lend extra elegance

And finally, depending on your theme, some fresh or rustic flower arrangements can be used as a centrepiece. Or place candles in clear holders as another option.


Candles for a cosy setting

Hope we have got you excited about setting your table and given you a great start!

Do you have other cool ideas for creative tablescaping? Drop us an email 🙂



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