Shaping HDB Homes of the Future

By : Kay Liao
21 July 2016

Exciting innovations await the home of the future.

At the World Cities Summit (WCS) held in July this year, the theme was ‘Liveable and Sustainable Cities: Innovative Cities of Opportunity’.

Exploring how governments and industry experts are co-creating integrated urban solutions for the future, the exhibition provided a glimpse into what these homes might be like. 🙂

We bring you 5 exciting innovations that will shape the HDB homes of the future.

1. Simulation tools to design better homes

At WCS, a live demonstration kiosk showed visitors how HDB simulates the impact of green initiatives using its Complex Systems Modelling Tool. The tool helps to derive the most effective combination of solutions to achieve the desired sustainability targets for HDB towns.

It was actually tested out at Punggol Northshore, where the first batch of smart HDB homes will be located.

2. Smart sensors to auto-detect environmental conditions

While Singapore’s weather may be unpredictable, smart HDB towns of the future can aspire to provide a comfortable living environment for all residents.

For example, sensor-controlled fans installed in common areas can help regulate the temperature all year round in an energy-saving way. You would not have to worry about the heat while you are out and about in your neighbourhood!


3. Track household energy consumption while on the go

Always wanted to do your part for the environment? Now you can do so easily with the Utilities Management System (UMS) at home. The UMS allows users to track their household water and energy consumption in real-time through mobile devices.

Additionally, residents will receive tips on how to reduce their water and energy use. On top of achieving an eco-friendly lifestyle, you get to enjoy lower utility bills too!

4. Elderly caregivers can enjoy peace of mind with SEMAS

If you have elderly family members at home, the Smart Elderly Alert System (SEMAS) may be invaluable for your family. The system helps monitor the elderly through motion sensors installed at home, and alerts are sent to caregivers via text message when irregular patterns appear.

Visitors to the HDB exhibition booth at WCS were able to experience first-hand how these smart home applications can improve residents’ lifestyles through a mock-up of a Smart HDB Home.

5. Older HDB estates are getting smart-er too!

Besides Punggol Northshore, did you know that Yuhua is actually the first existing town to benefit from smart home solutions?

Building on sustainable improvements already implemented under the HDB Greenprint, the introduction of smart features will transform Yuhua into a smart and sustainable neighbourhood.

The ‘My Smart HDB Home’ initiative was successfully launched at Yuhua, where SEMAS and UMS have been made available for residents to purchase at discounted rates to help them monitor the well-being of their loved ones, and save on energy and water consumption.





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