‘Shell’ We Decorate?

By : Rosita Ithnain
19 February 2013

Adding finishing touches to your HDB flat need not be an expensive affair – it’s all up to you to decide what and how you want! Previously, we told you about some antique treasures. Today, we’ll focus on marine collectibles.


If you are a beach buff like I used to be, you can collect seashells when you go on your beach vacation. You’re bound to find beautiful seashells if you put your hands and eyes to it. When collected, they can be used to decorate your home at a low-cost but one-of-a-kind style.


From The Beach To The Bowl

Over the years, I’ve collected many seashells from my beach vacation in destinations like Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Maldives, Mauritius, and Seychelles. When I arrive at these resorts, I always hit the beach first to see whether I can find any nice seashells.


These seashells can simply be stored in a bottle, jar, or any pleasant ceramic bowl. If you’re feeling extravagant, you could consider buying a nice glass bowl! They can then be placed on a table as a decorative item where all eyes are immediately drawn to them. Or if you prefer, you can even place the jar on the floor at a spot that will otherwise be empty. Do this right and they will definitely provide interesting talking points for visitors to your home.


A beautiful glass bowl I bought from a florist

And for you, each time you look at these seashells, they will remind you of the wonderful memories of the beach resorts or beaches you visited. Well, that’s what a home should be about isn’t it? It’s a place filled with memorabilia and memories that make your place really homely, cosy, and unique. And you might just be spurred to plan your next beach getaway!


Seashells from Trengganu beaches

Seashells bottled in a jam jar

Extended Shell Life

Seashells can also be made into practical decorative items – a friend in Trengganu made me a paper weight using seashells and a piece of stone that he picked from the beach. Now that’s something simple, personally hand-made, and best of all, it costs next-to-nothing. This thoughtful gift can sit nicely on a table as a decorative item or double up as an eye-catching paper weight.


This is a one-of-a-kind paper weight, ‘shell’ we say

Seashells can be made into decorative festive ornaments too. Are you wondering how? Well, at the recently-concluded ‘Trees of the World’ display at the Singapore Botanic Gardens, a marine engineering company actually used seashells to make decorative ornaments to dress up a festive tree. The idea was simple, representative, and most of all, really unique!


Close-ups of the seashell decoration on the tree

So if you want to borrow that idea for Christmas this year, better start collecting seashells now! Otherwise, the paper weight and other practical seashell-based ideas aren’t that far off too. 


All it takes is an imaginative mind to transform the seashells into beautiful work of arts. What better way than this to tell a story of your beach-holiday travels, don’t you think?


By The Way…

Please only pick seashells along the beach and not take live ones from the sea. This helps to preserve our eco-system so that future generations can continue to enjoy the wonders of the ocean. We can all do our part for nature even as we decorate our homes, can’t we? And of course, while you’re thinking about whether that speckled red seashell would suit your HDB flat décor, be careful that there isn’t a live sea creature within!


If you have any suggestions on how to add a touch of finesse to your home without costing a bomb, do tell us on MyNiceHome Facebook! We’d love to see how you make your home truly unique.






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