Shoe Hacks

By : HS Wong
31 March 2016

You buy a pair of shoes, wear it once or twice, and store it in your shoe cabinet for a long period of time. The next time you remember, that pair of shoes has turned mouldy. And…you throw it away.


Does that sound familiar? Then you must read this article. Here are some shoe hacks for maintaining and caring for your shoes.


Keeping them fresh


It is somewhat inevitable to get sweaty feet now and then with Singapore’s humidity. If you are wearing the same pair of shoes for 2 or more days in a row, remember to dry them thoroughly before storing them in the shoe cabinet. Alternatively, it is worth investing in shoe fresheners. These fresheners can come in spray, sachets, or ball forms. Spray away or simply slip in the sachets/ ball in each shoe to keep them smelling fresh and new 🙂


On the other hand, if your shoes feel greasy or oily, baby powder will work well to remove any grease without staining your shoes.

A day spent freshening up those shoes, is another day earned for your trusty footwear

Keeping them dry


Whether you were caught in the rain or you are just washing those dirty shoes, always dry them properly to keep them mould free. Not all shoes will work well with dryers so to play safe, let your shoes air dry naturally or use a fan. Remember to untie the laces too, to prevent any water from being locked in.


Another shoe hack to speed up the drying process – get some kitchen paper towels, and crush them into balls. Fill your shoes with these tissue balls and let them soak up as much water as possible. Do check and replace them every few hours until your shoes are dry. You can also wrap some paper towels around your shoes and secure them with rubber bands to dry the outside as well.

Make a conscientious effort to dry your shoes and keep them mould-free!

Keeping them in shape


Just like humans, it is important to keep your shoes in shape for a healthy and long-lasting life. Using a shoe tree will help retain the shape of your shoes. Wooden shoe trees are also a better choice over plastic ones as they can help absorb moisture as well.

You can also use newspaper and stuff them in your shoes for a budget alternative. However, do remember to replace the newspaper now and then as these crumpled paper will lose their shape over time.

I hope that these tips will help you end the problem of having short-lived shoes in your cabinet. If you have other home hacks or maintenance tips, go to our Facebook page or drop us a note at and let us know 🙂


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