Sofa, So Good!

By : Desiree Ong
01 September 2015

A sofa is the main anchor piece in a living room – and picking the right one is essential. An arresting design and interesting fabric texture draw the eye of visitors to the home and also serve as a statement piece.


My sofa at home has seen better days. However, I have many happy memories of curling up on the good old sofa with a book on my rest days, and for the longest time, was reluctant to shop for a replacement.


I hit the shops recently to find out the sofa choices available, when the tear in the PVC leather of the sofa set became bigger. Armed with the varied choices of designs and materials to choose from, I came up with a list of what home buyers can look out for.


Read on to find out!

Sofa designs (take a pick)


The designs of modern furniture are constantly evolving, but they usually have clean and simple lines, raised legs and minimal embellishments.



Traditional sofas can be generally classified into Asian and Western styles. Chinese-style antique furniture is typically made of hard woods like teak and rosewood, and some may have ornate carvings. Old-school European or American designs are usually bulkier and may have elaborate details and carvings.



Resort-style sofas are often made with natural materials like rattan or cane. Their earth-tone colours project a relaxed vibe, which makes it versatile enough for outdoor as well as indoor usage.


‘Material’ Goods

Sofas come in all sorts of natural and synthetic materials. Choose a sofa that works well with your home decor and your lifestyle as you decide the amount of time and effort you can invest to its care.



A leather sofa is built to last, and is an ideal choice in a household with young children, or pets. Not only is this type of sofa durable, spills and dirt can be easily wiped clean. However, leather attracts scratches easily, and may trap heat in Singapore’s tropical weather.


Artificial leather

If you do not wish to consider leather, then artificial leather (also known as PVC leather, PU leather, faux leather or pleather) may just be the choice for you.

Easy to clean, low maintenance, wide variety of colours, what’s there not to like? Do note however, that the material cracks easily, and does not develop lustre like leather.



My favourite has to be fabric sofas which come with a wide variety of colours and designs. Some of the common natural fabrics include cotton, linen and silk. I have also come across some made of polyester, or blended with another fabric.

To prevent dust mites, regular cleaning is recommended, and therefore I prefer fabric sofas which come with removable covers for ease of washing.



Wood is solid and long lasting, and will develop a patina as it ages – in fact, that’s the reason why vintage or antique wooden furniture is very much sought after. However, the material is not my choice as it can be easily scratched and requires regular polishing.

After settling on the type and material for your sofa, you might also want to add on complementary seating such as armchairs, puff stools or storage seats.


I hope you’ll find these tips on the available sofa choices useful. For more decor ideas, do visit the My Nice Home Gallery at HDB Hub!


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