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By : Atikah Razak
11 January 2018

Calling all yoga junkies… here are the best spots for you to perfect your pose… in the heartlands! If you are bored of doing yoga at home or in the studio, then you should totally consider doing it outdoors. The heartlands is perfect because there are many cosy nooks surrounded with greenery that will make you feel at peace while you do your thing. So check out these spots!

SkyVille – Block 86, Dawson Road, Singapore 141086

The best thing about the sky garden is the breeze, and there are shelters too! For a relaxing (and most importantly cooling!) session of yin yoga, you can consider this spot. Or if you want a more ‘green’ space, head down to the landscaped car park rooftop.


Punggol Waterway/ Waterway Terraces – Punggol Walk, Singapore 822308

What if you want a nice view while doing yoga? Then head down to Waterway Terraces, because seriously, the waterfront view is unbeatable. These spots are awesome because they are also less crowded, and semi-secluded.


Tampines Maze Garden – Block 944 Tampines Avenue 5, Singapore 520944

Hot yoga is all the rage now, but apart from the studio, you cannot really do it anywhere else. We found you a substitute… the Tampines Maze Garden! There is no shade. So it is just you, your yoga mat and mad sweltering heat from the sun. Okay we are kind of half-joking, but you can try it out and let us know how it went  .


SkyTerrace – Block 90 Dawson Road, Singapore 142090

If you want to be surrounded by plants, then SkyTerrace is the place for you. Their landscaped deck is filled to the brim with plants and flowers. You can finally say you are one with nature while doing yoga. If you can do cool poses and love showing the world that you can, head down to the grass patch. Open space, fresh air, and a guaranteed audience.


Central Horizon – Block 79, Toa Payoh Central, Singapore 315079

Central Horizon also has landscaped gardens on some floors that you can make use of. If you go high enough, you can even have an amazing view of Toa Payoh town!

And if you are also a photo buff, these spots make for some really nice photos! Let us know on  MyNiceHome Facebook page  if you enjoyed this article! 


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