Tea Bags – 101 Uses

By : Izzat Rusydi
23 October 2012

Just finished that cup of tea? But before you throw that used tea bag away, here are some ideas on how you can reuse that tea bag! You’ll be amazed at the 101 uses for it!


So with all that tea drinking going on, the mountain of used teabags could possibly rival Bukit Timah in height!As we take tea drinking as a casual activity, we usually wouldn’t give the used tea bag a second thought before throwing it away. But before you throw your next tea bag away, stop and read the 101 ideas on how to re-use that tea bag.  We’ll start off with six  


1- Cleaning your windows

Ever had a problem with cleaning chemicals that start to irritate your hand? Try adding four to five used tea bags into a bowl of water and use it to clean your windows instead. It’ll help remove all the greasy fingerprint stains and add a sparkling finish to your windows. It works for wooden furniture too!


2- Removing Stubborn Stains

When dealing with stubborn stains in your kitchen sink or kitchen ware, place a damp tea bag over the spot for a couple of minutes and rub the stain with the tea bag. My friend promises it will remove those stubborn stains like magic!


3- Deodoriser

If the odour in your fridge or your shoe cabinet starts to stink, try placing a dry used tea bag in it. It’ll help absorb the nasty odours while keeping your items smelling nice and fresh.


4- Potpourri

While the tea leaves have run out of flavour, their scent is an excellent addition to your potpourri at home. Be sure to dry the tea bags first!


5- Odour-free Shoes and Feet

Having foot odour problems? Simply dip five used tea bags in a basin of warm water, and soak your feet in it for 30 minutes. Allow your feet to dry naturally after the treatment. Don’t forget to rub your feet against the tea bags for a relaxing massage effect! Your feet will thank you!

Rather than buying expensive sneaker balls that you’ll have to change every couple of months, why not just use a tea bag which helps absorb foul smelling odours as well? It’s friendly on the environment and on your wallet too!


6- Refreshed-Looking Eyes

If you’re suffering from puffy eyes due to lack of sleep, place a warm, wet tea bag over your eyes (close them first) and relax for 30 minutes. This will help reduce the puffiness around your eyes and leave your eyes feeling refreshed. Now you don’t have to buy expensive facial products!


Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

We all have a responsibility to minimise waste wherever possible and it starts at home. Even the simplest of items can be used for other purposes other than being destined for the bin.


If you have any other interesting ideas on reusing household items, do email them to us at mynicehome@mailbox.hdb.gov.sg. Do include your pictures via a downloadable link as well. We might just share your contributions on our Facebook page!


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