The Art of Folding

By : Nicholas Yau
21 January 2016

The thrill of sales and allure of online shopping means that we sometimes end up with more things than we need. What do you do with a bursting wardrobe? Perhaps we could tap on an expert opinion on organising stuff.

You may not believe it, but the profession of ‘organising consultant’ does exist, and the most famous of them all is Kondo Marie. Hailing from Japan, it is her life’s passion to coach people on how to keep their homes free of clutter. Yes, she gets paid for this.

The method devised by the ‘Queen of Clean’ focuses on choosing to keep things that “spark joy” and getting rid of everything else, so that you’ll be left with a clean home that brings happiness. This great cleanse starts with sifting out the things you do not need any more and placing them in a pile. Donate these items or sell them away. Those that make the cut are sorted neatly into the closet.

Folding shirts into uniform rectangles lets you sort them easily

Among the many tips in her best-selling book is folding clothes to maximise your wardrobe space. For this entry, let’s look at folding T-shirts. The desired outcome is a compact rectangle that is able to stand on its side, so that you can store them in drawers.

Let’s give it a go!


1. Place your shirt face-down, and imagine a line going through the back. We’ve pinched the fabric to show the line:


2. Fold the sides in, so that the seams meet at the imaginary line in the middle. Fold the sleeves back to continue the symmetry.

3. Fold in half, from the bottom to the top. You will have a neat, flat rectangle.

4. Flip it over and fold it in half again.

Now, the trick is to store your T-shirts vertically. According to Kondo Marie, storing your clothes vertically saves you space and makes it easier to pull out the shirt you want.

You can do the same for bottoms, folding it in half until it becomes compact.

Do it right and you will have neat rows of T-shirts, which can be stored in tall drawers or shelves. Some people take it a step further and organise their clothes by colours.

Repeat for your undergarments and accessories, folding them in half until they become compact, and able to stand on their side. If the clothes are too soft, or your drawers too short, you can fold them in half again to look like these ‘rolls’.


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