The Big Move Cheat Sheet

By : Priya Shandhini
01 October 2015

Moving into a new home? It most certainly is a joyous occasion, but the shift can prove to be a nightmare if you do not plan ahead. But no worries, here’s a ‘cheat sheet’ to make the experience a smoother one!


Pre-move pointers

Sort the items

Food – perishables can be tricky (and messy) to transport. So eat it all up before the actual day of the move. Besides, you need the extra calories to work those muscles.

Clothes – it’s probably timely to look through your closet and see what you have not used in ages, or does not fit. Separate your items into three piles – one for the new home, one to donate, and the items in the last pile is for you to throw away.

Books and stuff – the same advice goes for the collectibles you have hoarded over the years. Keep what you love, give away what others may love, and discard what nobody wants to love.


Packing ‘smart’


With some pre-planning and progressive packing, the happy occasion of moving into a new home can be stress-free.


If you have your own home-move experience, or other tips for new home owners, do email us at


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