The Home Gym You Never Knew You Had

By : Deborah Chua
12 February 2016

I believe that for many of us, one of our New Year resolutions is to be healthier and to lead a healthier lifestyle, but how does one start to make such a lifestyle change when the barriers to entry feel unbreakable?


Well, finding ways to do it at your own convenience is the solution to removing all excuses. All you need is some determination and discipline, no fancy machinery required at all.


Here is what you can do to turn the accomplices of your sedentary life into your fitness pals:


1. The BED – Work out your arms with triceps dips and inclined push-ups

This must be one of our biggest weaknesses – the thing we all look forward to come home to after a long day at work. Now, you can also use it to get your arms in shape (not by simply lying on it, though).


For triceps dips, sit on the edge of the bed and place your hands by your side, on the edge of the bed as well. Move off the edge of the bed, and lower yourself down, and slowly push yourself back up. For inclined push-ups, stand at the foot of your bed and face it. Place your hands at the edge of the bed, and start doing some push-ups!


2. The SOFA – Work on your abs with these couch crunches and leg raises

If you have been warming your favourite spot on the sofa for far too long now, take a look at these simple exercises you can do. You can do these all while sitting down, but still work up a sweat and wake up the next day aching.


Sit on the edge of your couch with your legs elevated. Slowly roll up to bring your knees closer to your body. If you feel the burn, you are doing the crunch right. Sit on your couch at 90 degrees, keep your back straight and raise your legs parallel to the ground.


3. The KITCHEN – Use slightly heavier items from the kitchen as weights to accompany your workout routine


This can be anything, really. Filled 1.5-litre bottles, a sack of rice, canned food, use whatever you can find. There are many exercises you can pair these weight substitutes with – bicep curls, lunges, squats, wall sits, and so on.

4. Your ESTATE – If you have more determination to leave your home for a short workout, you can also consider using these facilities around your estate


Some of our estates have special fitness areas that are equipped with various stations for IPPT training, and it even comes with a running path that has milestones marked out along the way. Men! If you need to train up before your annual IPPTs, this is where you can go! Bring some kakis along to make the training more bearable too.

There you have it! A whole exercise routine that can be done in the comfort of your home, at zero cost 🙂 Try it! If you have other home fitness ideas, do send them over to or let us know at our Facebook page today!





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