The Joy of An Indoor Garden

By : Briana Tan
10 November 2016

“The earth laughs flowers.” This quote by poet-writer Ralph Waldo Emerson rings as true today as when he first penned it.

If you want to hear the laughter of the earth, create a little indoor garden in your home and it will bring you endless joy. Plus it is rather easy to create one and actually requires minimal care.

Anywhere is a Good Spot

Any space is suitable for a small indoor garden. Your side table or dining table top, a shelf or even your breakfast counter are all places to put an indoor garden. Terrariums make ideal indoor gardens for such spaces as they occupy little space and serve a decorative purpose as well. Plants that grow in these sealable glass containers need very little care as they thrive within their very own ecosystem. Just the occasional trim to keep the growth in check is often all that is needed.

If you have a balcony, you can be more ambitious and plan a bigger indoor garden as that is where your leafy friends can get plenty of sunlight and warmth.

Match Plants to your Personality

The kind of plants you would want to pick for your indoor garden should also depend on the amount of effort and maintenance you are able to put in. If you have a busy schedule or are an occasional gardener, then choose plants that require little maintenance – air plants and money plants are good choices. These just need fresh air, sunlight and a little spritz of water now and then.

There are some plants that require more maintenance such as trimming, watering and fertiliser management. They are your choices if you have a keener interest in gardening and do not mind giving time and attention to your green beauties.

When Planning a Balcony Garden…

After you have decided on which area and what plants you wish to feature in your balcony garden, here comes the fun part: planning the layout of your garden!

There are a lot of indoor garden ideas online to get your inspiration from. A few trends to consider are ‘layering’, ‘less is more’, and ‘accessorising.

1. Layering

Create depth and composition by layering your flowers and plants. You can try placing them at different levels and heights, and using different types of furniture. Instead of the usual table, you could try using a wooden box, hanging your plants on the wall, or placing them on shelves or even books. You will be amazed how a little artistry can change the look and mood!

2. Less is more

Gauge the size of the space and decide how many pots of plants should be placed there. A cluttered garden would make it look like you are walking into a Jumanji movie. It also makes maintaining it harder. Often, less is more – so be sure to have enough breathing space to properly balance out the composition of your garden.

3. Accessorising

Last but not least, be creative! There are many items that you can use as props and decoration for your indoor garden. Some props do not have to be fancy or expensive as they can be things you already own. Wooden boxes, mini ladders, cushions, day bed, benches, and also fairy lights are items that could add a world of difference. See them as accessories that add the final sparkle to your outfit and there will be no lack of imagination.

And if you are feeling crafty, you could also use wireframes to bend them into shapes of animals and place them amongst your leafy friends. I’m sure you’re feeling excited now! So go ahead and start your very own home indoor garden.

Do you already have an indoor home garden of your own? We would love to see it. You can share it with us at or our Facebook page.





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