The Wall is Your Canvas

By : Wilson Loke
31 March 2015

Small changes to your home can sometimes have a big impact. One simple yet effective way to give your home a new look is to change the colour of the walls. Some home owners prefer to put up large-sized wall hangings like posters or paintings, while others use patterned or textured wallpaper.


As a new home owner of a resale flat, I wanted to replace the toilet/bathroom wall finishes when I renovated my home last October. Before I started, I checked out the guidelines on building works on the HDB InfoWEB.


I found out that this type of renovation work is permissible only after the three-year restriction period starting from the completion date of the block, so it did not apply to me. However I had to apply for a renovation permit before starting the works. With the necessary “homework” carried out, and renovation works completed, I am now happily settled in my new home.


An example of wall tiles in the bathroom at My Nice Home Gallery

Before you rush off and start changing your wall finishes though, you have to take note of some conditions. Simple stuff like using wallpaper, cement and sand plastering, gypsum plastering, rockstone finishing, and spray painting do not need a renovation permit from HDB. Yup, that means you can go right ahead!


Did you know these “bricks” are actually glued on to the bare wall?

In fact, most basic types of wall works do not require renovation permits if you are not removing existing wall finishes. Some examples include the installation of solid timber panels, mirrored wall panels, and the laying of wall finishes over existing finishes or bare concrete surfaces.
Do note that even though permits are not necessary, you are not allowed to tamper with existing structures.


Read the writing off the wall in this home

If you wish to embark on more ambitious plans to transform the look of your home, such as replacing the ceramic or mosaic tiles on internal walls, a permit is necessary as such work involves the hacking of existing wall finishes.

The renovation permit is needed as such work tends to be noisy, and hence is confined to three consecutive days. It also safeguards the structural safety of the walls.

This rock wall is sure to be a talking point!

Have fun changing the look of your walls!

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