Think out of the ‘Box’!

By : Brenda Tan
27 August 2014

So, you have flipped through countless magazines on home décor? Or scoured the world (wide web) in search of that stroke of inspiration to enhance your little haven?


Decorating a room or home calls for a tasteful balance between form and function, but putting your own stamp on it will make your home special and uniquely yours.


We came across this creative family of four – Mr and Mrs Quek and their two daughters who moved into Pandan Gardens less than a year ago. Their love for wood and vintage items was evident in their home but it was not all dull and dreary. Adding a modern twist to their décor, they have come up with a winning formula that is literally out of the box!


Read on to find out more about the Quek’s innovative décor solutions.

‘Upcycling’ Wine Crates

The Queks have chosen to ‘upcycle’ empty wine crates with some creative painting work and a nail or two. Not only is this an environmentally-friendly move, it also adds an element of novelty.

With a bit of creativity and effort, see how these wine crates and boxes with the images of vineyards beautifully painted on the sides, have become …


a) storage cases

b) shelves

c) drawers

d) a portable coffee table

e) a side table

f) a table top. This surely makes one fantastic conversation piece, doesn’t it?!


Converting Wooden Pallets

Additionally, the unconventional use of a modified wooden pallet as a TV console is also ingenious. Just look at how nicely the DVD player and modem box fit in, and how TV viewing has taken on a touch of rustic appeal


Using Colour Pops

Next up, colours. The astute use of the bright red vintage letter box and reading sofa stands out brilliantly against the white-washed walls and earth tones – adding character to your personal space!


After all is said and done, at the heart of home décor lies… YOU, owner of the space. Add the finishing touch by throwing in an item or two that most reflects you, be it your favourite soft toy or pop idol poster. It is after all a personal haven for you to seek comfort and solace at the end of each day.


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