Trendy Hanger Hacks

By : Briana Tan
07 April 2016

Are you currently facing a wardrobe crisis where your clothes are piling up and you do not know what you should do? Here are a few simple hacks and tips to get you through.


Droopy Clothes

Some of your T-shirts or blouses may have a wide neckline or are made of smooth material. It gets on my nerves each time I try to hang them as they will just slide off the hanger almost immediately.

Here is a useful tip to make your blouse stay put 🙂


Grab a few rubber bands and tie them to each side of the hanger, this will create friction between the rubber and your clothes and act as a stopper.


Tada, now you have a solution!


No more marks!

Feeling annoyed with the hanger marks on your clothes? Here is one way to prevent bumps from forming on your outfit.

Instead of hanging it the regular way, fold your clothes into half and place the hook of the hanger at the underarm area.

Next, fold the 2 corners over the hanger and now, you will have a top with no more bumps 🙂



Too many scarves and running out of space in your drawer to keep them? Do not fret – curtain rings can save your day!

However, you will need a hanger with a ‘base’. This is how you do it:

Place a few rings on the hanger base – yes, it is that simple! All you need to do now is to insert your scarves neatly into the rings. This works well for ties too 🙂

Your scarf and tie collections are now neatly arranged and it is also easier for you to pick the one you want at a glance.


Making more room

If you need more room in your wardrobe, here is an easy way to do it with can tabs.

Slot one end of the tab from a drink can onto the hook of a hanger. Then slip another hanger through the other end of the same tab. Keep repeating this as you add as many hangers as you think you need.

There is no limit to the number of hangers you can add. You can now arrange your clothes neatly in your wardrobe 🙂 What’s more, this also makes it easier for you to match your clothes together!

Do share with us if you have any other ways to organise your wardrobe at or on our Facebook page!

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