TV Console Ideas to Transform Your Living Room

By : Bertrand Teo
10 January 2017

The television set has endured the test of time as the entertainment centrepiece of most households. While social media has stolen some of TV’s thunder, we think the goggle box is still very much here to stay, thanks to cable programmes and on-demand streaming services.

A TV console helps you organise all the gadgets that come with the TV set

The challenge then remains: How does one decorate a living room space with a 40 inch flat or curved TV screen? Here are some tips you can consider.  🙂 


Use a Feature Wall 


A TV set stands out in the living room because of its vast screen. A feature wall serves as a buffer of sorts, especially if the rest of your walls are of a similar pastel or white colour. Match the TV with a rugged wall texture, such as concrete or brick, for a ‘minimalist’ and ‘industrial’ look. Be sure to include a clean-cut and simple console for a balance in the appearance.

A sleek, flat screen TV balanced against a feature wall

Frame the TV


Framing the TV set with neutral colours also serves as a way of softening that black rectangular space. You can do this by having a built-in cabinet or having floating shelves around the TV, so that it is the focus of the furniture arrangement. Alternatively, you could consider putting up a gallery of framed artwork around the TV.

Soften the black screen of your TV set by giving it a frame

Accessorise the TV Console


A simple trick would be to accessorise the TV console with your favourite collectors’ items. This is best when the accessories are assembled with a theme in mind. For instance, a safari-themed set of ornaments would surely be a great conversation-starter when you are hosting guests in your home.


Another idea is to pair the TV with a vintage console. The contrast between modern technology and old world charm would help to take the attention away from the screen.

Accessorise your TV console to take the focus away from the television

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