Ways to a Dream Closet

By : Kay Liao
23 August 2016

Having a walk-in wardrobe is the dream of many women (and men). Whatever your space, you can design and achieve the perfect closet for your home – with the right sprinkling of creativity!

Convert a spare room

If you have got the space to spare, transform it! Simply turn a spare room into your personal boutique, to store everything from your clothes to bags and other stylish accessories.

Considering hacking down the wall of an adjoining bedroom to create a larger walk-in wardrobe area? That is definitely an option, as long as you keep to these guidelines for your HDB flat:

1. You must hire an HDB Registered Renovation Contractor to carry out any demolition or hacking works.

2. All hacking/ demolition of walls can only be carried out after obtaining HDB’s prior approval.

3. There should be no tampering of the structural members when carrying out drilling works.


Create fresh space

You do not have a spare room? Section off some space for a walk-in wardrobe! For example, opt for a small partition at one end of your bedroom to divide up the area for your dressing needs.

Alternatively, you can place your wardrobe behind your bed and conceal it with a simple partition. Other than hiding clutter, it helps to create a small walkway in front of your wardrobe for that desired walk-in effect.

Your wardrobe itself can also serve as a divider to split up your bedroom space, eliminating the need to hack or erect new walls or partitions. 


Open closet system

For a fuss-free option, why not go for an open closet? An open closet affords both function and flexibility, and you can set it up easily in any corner of your bedroom.

Open closets are a popular and space-saving alternative to built-in shelving these days. You can create your own walk-in wardrobe anywhere by using movable shelves or flexible pole systems.

Flaunt your chicest outfits or favourite shoes, which can double up as display pieces. After all, fashion can be art too!

Got any great ideas on how to design your wardrobe space? Share your tips and photos with us via mynicehome@mailbox.hdb.gov.sg or our Facebook page!

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