Ways to Style Your Curtains

By : Kay Liao
21 June 2016

In an earlier article, we found out about how to pick the right curtains based on functionality, fabric and colour. The next step would be to install them and there are ways to refine the style of your drapes at home.


A dazzling variety of curtain fabrics and colours

Mounting and Hanging Curtains

Wondering how to position your curtains when installing them? There are 2 main ways of hanging your curtain brackets and rods.


Remember to measure your windows carefully before buying and hanging your drapes

You can mount your curtain brackets on the wall above and outside of your window frame. The ideal height is approximately 10 to 15 centimetres above the window trim. This allows the curtain fabric to fall and flow naturally down to cover your windows. Hanging your curtains this way can also create an illusion of a taller room!


Make your room feel taller by mounting your curtains above your windows

Alternatively, you can opt to mount your curtain brackets wider than your window frame. Simply extend your curtain rod by about 7.5 to 10 centimetres on each end, and install the curtain brackets on both sides of the window frame. This mounting option gives a grander impression to your windows, especially when you draw back the curtains like theatre drapes! In addition, more sunlight can shine through your windows when your drapes are open, since the fabric will not block the glass.


Choosing Your Curtain Heading

Another way to customise your drapes is by choosing the heading, which refers to the top hem of your curtains. Different headings can have a distinctive impact on how your curtains turn out!

Some common options include pencil pleats, pinch pleats, goblet pleats, the tab top and the eyelet. If you want a simple and classic look, go for pencil pleats which are created by pulling on strings or cords to create an even gathering of the top hem. The pleats are adjustable, and you can easily adapt the curtains to the width of your window.


Choose your pleats – pencil pleats is one of the most popular and versatile choices

Another great and easy option is the eyelet, which are suitable for both lighter and heavier fabrics. Eyelet curtains fall in wide loose folds, and are a perfect match for stylish modern interiors!


Eyelets are a fuss-free option

Both pencil pleats and eyelets are common in ready-made curtains, as they can be used across a range of curtain pole or track widths.


Selecting Curtain Accessories

Last but not least, don’t neglect your curtain accessories! Add a quirky touch to your window treatment by picking a unique curtain rod. For instance, besides the standard steel or silver finish, why not pick a gold curtain rod to add an extra touch of elegance?


Curtain rods in a gold finish look sleek and classy

If you want to achieve a more cohesive design look with the rest of your room, you can even choose to acquire bespoke decorative rods, or curtain rods that come with decorative ornaments at each end of the rod (also known as finials).


Finials can add unique style to your curtains

If you wish to pull back your curtains regularly for sunlight to stream into your home, do consider using tiebacks to secure them in an open position beside your window. Tiebacks come in all shapes and forms, so choose one that complements your room decor, curtains and curtain rod.


Curtain tiebacks in various colours

Satin ropes with matching tassels give a formal look to your curtains. For a more casual look, go with simple ribbons or fabric sashes!

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