Which Feature Wall Are You?

By : Priya Shandhini
17 May 2016

Feature walls give any room an oomph factor. But choosing the right feature wall can be stressful sometimes. We have a simple solution for that – choose a feature wall that fits your personality type.


For the Homebody

Even with digital and social media platforms taking over the storing and sharing of photos these days, nothing beats the good old photo frames for displaying your family’s treasured moments. Besides beautifying your wall, they also add a personal touch to your home and make it uniquely yours.


(Photo courtesy of Shalfarrah)

The much-loved brick wall is also another choice that conveys the warmth of home.


For Those Who Love Change

If you prefer to have the flexibility of an ever-changing feature wall, how about a blackboard wall? All you need are a few different coloured chalks and some imagination, and you are all good to basically design your feature wall as you want to. From listing the ‘menu’ for your cosy parties to playing tic-tac-toe on the wall, the possibilities are endless!


(Photo courtesy of Patricia Zhao)

For the Reflective Ones

Mirrors are another timeless favourite for feature walls (though I think they would be quite high-maintenance). Decide where exactly to have such a feature wall as having mirrors means that some rooms or areas in your home might be visible to your guests in the living room. Also you need not only consider full-length mirrors for your feature wall. How about a wall of smaller and different-sized mirrors to add some visual impact. 🙂


(Photo courtesy of Li Guanwei)

For the Bold and Adventurous

Not one to settle for the ordinary feature wall? Think bigger and bolder, and select from a range of materials, colours and design. How about a wall plastered over with a larger-than-life newsprint wallpaper which is sure to be a conversation starter!


(Photo courtesy of Judyana Lee)

Or a bright green wall with bird decals to bring nature into your home?


(Photo courtesy of Koh Siang Kee)

Or cover the entire feature wall with a display wall cum TV console, cleverly designed with hidden storage?

(Photo courtesy of Li Shumei)

Or cover the entire feature wall with a display wall cum TV console, cleverly designed with hidden storage?

(Photo courtesy of Li Shumei)

Before you tick off your type of feature wall and make that call to your interior designer, do familiarise yourself with the guidelines on wall finishes on the HDB InfoWEB. These can come in handy in planning for the perfect feature wall for your living room. 🙂

If you have friends or family with fabulous feature walls in their homes, take a snap and share them with us too via our Facebook page or by dropping us a note at mynicehome@mailbox.hdb.gov.sg



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