Windows and Window Grilles

By : Nicholas Yau
07 June 2016



Windows are designed to let in light and air and also offer a view out. They are essential to a comfortable home, but are easily overlooked – we do not think about them much, other than opening or closing them. They get our attention only when they are not functioning properly.


Care for your windows


However, they deserve regular tender, loving care, and here are the reasons why…


•  Windows are exposed to the rain and sun, and require regular maintenance to be kept in good and safe condition. A little effort every few days would ensure that your windows are safe and easy to use.


•  A faulty window can fall and cause serious injury or worse, to people below. So start a good habit of cleaning the movable parts of your windows with a soft brush and lubricate them regularly while checking that the stainless steel fasteners are in place, and joints are constantly in excellent working order. We have got more tips on maintaining windows here!

Window Safety Day is every 6 June and 12 December but we can do our part to be responsible home owners all year round.

Changing windows and window grilles

Your flat already comes with some shiny new windows! But if you do need to replace your windows, they must be of the same size, colour and type. HDB blocks are designed to portray a cohesive exterior look. And remember, you must engage a BCA approved window contractor listed with HDB to replace or repair your windows.

While an unobstructed view is enjoyable, window grilles may be necessary for safety and security – especially when you have young children around. You may install or replace window grilles of any design within your home as long as they are internal – meaning they do not extend out of your flat and do not modify the building exterior in any way.

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