Work That Space!

By : Priya Shandhini
31 July 2017

We all buy more than we need and use less than what we buy – true? Yes, a sale is all the nudge we need to purchase another home cookware set just because it comes in a pretty shade of pink!


So ladies (and guys too), the result is a home overflowing with stuff and possessions that invade the sanctuary of our home.


That’s where planning ahead for enough storage space is important; indeed, more vital than deciding between a bright cobalt blue or boring beige for your living room sofa.


We have some tips and tricks on how nifty touches can create more space, and ones that hide clutter too.


Double-duty mirrors

The oldest trick in any interior designer’s handbook is to use reflective light to enlarge a space, and mirrors do the job perfectly.

Instead of hanging mirrors on the wall, consider choosing or customising cabinets that have mirrors on the doors. This way, you save that wall space for some other space-saving feature like bookshelves. Mirrors on shoe cabinet doors are a nifty way for you to do a quick check on your footwear before leaving the house.


Mirrors on cupboards serve as vanity mirrors as well

Mirrors are your best friends when it comes to making rooms appear bigger

Multi-tasking furniture

Furniture can now double-up to serve dual, triple, or even unlimited uses. Double-decker beds that come with a study desk and cabinets neatly tucked underneath; bookshelves built into door frames; chests that serve as coffee or side tables; footstools with built-in storage space; kitchen counters with pull-out dining spaces, stackable furniture to reduce clutter… the list goes on.


You can check all these out to see which best suits your family’s needs, and of course, your flat layout.
You can easily buy such multi-tasking furniture or custom-make them for more ingenious space-saving solutions. The biggest advantage is that you can determine exactly how each space in your flat can be utilised, including the odd corners and angles.


These are just some examples… we’re sure the possibilities are endless:

– Bedframes with storage drawers beneath
– Shoe cabinet or storage areas with seats
– Odd corners and recesses transformed into functional spaces


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