Your 10-Minute Mozzie Wipe-out

By : Priya Shandhini
09 September 2016

The home that is your safe sanctuary can also be the breeding ground for the dreaded mozzies!


With mosquitoes being the transmitter of viruses such as those that cause dengue fever and Zika, the last thing you want to do is to play host to them in your very own home.


As mozzies lay eggs in stagnant water, dry out their breeding grounds. A typical home has many places where water can collect furtively – like pails, plant pots, vases etc. Wiping out mozzies in your home takes only 10 minutes of your time, 10 minutes that can protect you and your family.


Let’s do the mozzie wipe-out now…


1. Tip the pail


After showering or washing clothes, check to see if water has collected in the pails in your bathroom, and empty them. Also, remember to turn them over.

2. Change the water in the vase


Change the water in vases on alternate days to prevent mosquito breeding. Mosquito eggs can stick to surfaces easily, thus you should also clean and scrub the inner sides of vases and wash the roots of flowers and plants.

3. Flip the flower pot plate


Remove the water from flower pot plates. Again, you should clean and scrub the plates thoroughly to remove mosquito eggs. It would be better if you can avoid the use of pot plates to minimise the collection of stagnant water.

4. Loosen the hardened soil


Water tends to collect above the hardened soil, so regularly loosen the soil in your potted plants.

5. Cover the bamboo pole holders after use


Bamboo pole holders can also accumulate rainwater so make it a habit to cover them when not in use.

And if you plan to be away from your home for long periods, take these additional mozzie wipe-out steps:



Protecting Yourself


You should also safeguard yourself from mozzies.


Remember to apply mosquito repellent regularly. And wear light-coloured clothes that cover your arms and legs fully to protect yourself from mosquito bites.

The National Environment Agency (NEA) officers are stepping up checks on mosquito breeding and they might visit your home to spray insecticide. Do give them your full cooperation. Together we can all make our homes and neighbourhoods mozzie-free!

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