Yummy Tuna Kimchi Cheese Rice Balls

By : Atikah Razak
01 December 2016


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Yummy Tuna Kimchi Cheese Rice Balls

Preparing food for lunch in the office is serious business. Having jumped on the bandwagon only recently, I know first-hand how time-consuming it can be. And despite being a self-proclaimed foodie, I cannot cook to save my life.

That is, until I found out about tuna-kimchi-cheese rice balls. Trust me on this, these nutrition packed rice balls are fool-proof and simple. Now, cooking can be seriously fun, and easy enough for any newbie to try out at home. 


1. Prepare the filling:


For this, you will need kimchi, canned tuna and sliced cheddar cheese – all easily available in any supermarket.

Start off by draining the tuna as you do not want soggy rice balls. Next, chop the kimchi into small pieces and make sure to keep the kimchi juice! You can use either cabbage or radish kimchi. Personally, I prefer radish because I find it to be juicier and crunchier than the cabbage ones – and so I used it in this recipe.

2. Sauté:


Sauté the chopped kimchi along with the kimchi juice for a few minutes, then add in the tuna. Stir it well before placing a slice of cheddar cheese on top of the tuna-kimchi mixture while it is still on the pan. The heat from the pan will melt the cheese.

3. Season the rice:


Since we will need the rice ball to hold its shape, Japanese short-grained rice is the most ideal as it is sticky. You can cook the rice as you normally would with a rice cooker, but with an added step – you have to soak the rice for at least half an hour before cooking it.

Once it’s cooked, sprinkle some Furikake (dry Japanese seasoning) onto the rice and mix well. Alternatively, you can just add a sprinkle of salt and coat the rice ball with crushed roasted seaweed.

4. Roll ‘em!:


Using cling wrap, place the ingredients onto your hands in this order: rice, filling and rice again. Use your hands to shape it into a ball and voila, your kimchi-tuna-cheese rice ball is complete! 

Have any lunch recipes in mind that are easy to make at home? Share them with us atmynicehome@mailbox.hdb.gov.sg or on our Facebook page!

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